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Good News!

Daniel and I are back together!

Our love for each other never died. After Dan and I broke up, we sent more emails and lj comments to each other than we had in the last 3 weeks. All that led to me calling Dan on the phone that Thursday night, and we were able to work out many of the issues that led to our break-up. Dan and I not only talked, we communicated for 2 hours and 40 minutes.

Communication is something that Dan and I had from the very beginning of our relationship. We were able to talk with each other and work through any problems that either of us had. The last 2 months, we stopped communicating. Not communicating and major frustration were the huge contributing factors that broke us up.

By the end of our conversation we were giddy and laughing and so full of hope. Hope was something that both of us mentioned. It is so nice to have that feeling back.

Dan truly is incredible! I love him so very much! I am proud to be his boyfriend.

I want to thank everyone for all your help and comforting comments and emails. Special thanks go out to princeargon, for making me laugh on such a hard day.

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