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Moby Dick

Yesterday I received Moby Dick, the first book in my new collection of The 100 Greatest Books Ever Written. This collection of books is being published by Easton Press and I will receive a new book every 4 weeks.

Up until now, the major portion of books that I've read, have been technical books. With these books, I plan on reading and finishing each book before the next one arrives.

I'm excited about this challenge. I have always wanted to read some of these classics, but never got around to doing it.

The cool part is that these books are bound in genuine leather, and accented in 22kt gold. The pages are acid-neutral paper with gilded edges. As I get more of these books, the ones currently in the bookshelf--mainly tech manuals--will find their way back to storage.

I am truly jazzed about these book purchases, because I know that I'm building a library of really fine books.

I'm going to post a list of all the books on my website, so I can track which ones I have and which ones are still to come.

Update: I posted the list of books, I will be cleaning it up and making it look nicer as I go.

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