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Just waitin'

Tomorrow I will be taking my mom to Santa Paula for her Doctor's appointment. The Appointment is at 11:30, so it shouldn't be so hot, but coming back home will be hot. Mom says if it is pretty hot, then we will just stay around there until it begins to cool off then we'll head home. That sounds like an all day trip to me.

I stayed up all night, so I'd be tired early. That way I'd be able to get up in the morning to take mom to her appointment.

I went to my college and picked up some money. Actually, I tried to give some back, but they told me to keep it. Works for me! :-D

While I was there, a bunch of fire trucks and helicopters with water dropping tanks, swarmed the hillside by the upper parking lots. There was a big brush fire sweeping up the other side. They were able to divert the fire away from the college and I think they put it out. I don't see any more smoke. I didn't feel like staying around to see.

It is hot! 91°F, when you have a truck with no air conditioning, is hot! I'm just glad that the air conditioning works in the apartment. Ahhhhh....

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