Gregory Sare Landolt (gregoid) wrote,
Gregory Sare Landolt

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I woke up around 8 am, which is about 7 hours of sleep and thought to myself, that's ok. The next thing I knew, I was waking up again and it was 9:30 am. I kept waking up about each hour and couldn't actually stay awake. I finally got out of bed at 5 pm.

I think my body was really tired and needed the rest. It was not the drugged sleepiness that I felt last week. This was one of those Sunday sleeps that I used to have while I was in the Navy. The kind of sleep that actually regenerates my body.

These kind of mega-sleep sessions take longer to recover from. I'm slowly comming back to life.

I figure in about another half-hour, I'll be wide awake.
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