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Bugs. I hate bugs

Grrrr. Trillian is lo longer accepting my login info. After entering my Name and Password, the login pop-up just exits without any errors, but Trillian doesn't start. I went to the members area and logged in there to see if everything was working and that worked fine. I also uninstalled RC3 and reinstalled the once working RC2 and RC2 will not longer let me log in either.

I did all I could from my end. I reported the bug, so I guess I'll wait for an answer back from the support team. Someone filled out a bug report right after I did with the same problem, so I know I'm not the only one. His/Her report contains a better explanation than mine, so if mine is ignored, his/hers will at least get noticed.

Update: It just started working... hmmm...

Update: Received an email letting me know that the "Authentication server appeared to be down." Yes it was. It was then up for a total of 10 minutes and it has been down ever since. :(

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