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Good Day

Today was a good day. Nana came over to take Mom out to lunch for her birthday. I spent nearly an hour and a half cleaning my room (yep, it was a bit messy) for her visit. She arrived just as I was putting that last of the "stuff" into a bin that I keep under the computer table. After I put the bin away, I finished shaving (battery ran down in my cordless shaver and I had to wait until it recharged), and then joined both Nana and Mom in the living room so Mom could open her gifts.

I was pretty pumped because of all the cleaning that I had just done and I was also excited about Mom opening her gifts from me. :-)

Mom loved the faucet and the fluorescent lamp. Woohoo!! I was talked into putting the lamp together and the manufacture's claims that it was as bright as a 300-watt halogen lamp were correct! I was very impressed. Plus, the fixture itself is very elegant looking.

For lunch, Mom wanted to go to Wolf Creek Brewing Company. They have a great Turkey Club that Mom loves. Hehehe - just in case you were wondering, none of us ordered any brew. ;-) I ordered Blackened Mahi and spend most of the meal sniffling and wiping my nose because it was so spicy. :P It was great though.

Nana left within minutes of arriving back home and I began working to replace the old kitchen faucet with the new one. Low and behold, I needed to replace the flexible hoses and I needed a basin wrench to get the old faucet off. Woohoo!! New tools!!

After getting back from Homo Depot with the new tools (yeah, I got carried away), Mom let me know that Dan had called. It was funny because Mom was half asleep when she was telling me, so all I really heard was, "Dan...mumble,, mumble...tell you that he called...." Hehehe - I called Dan back and he and I talked as I continued with the faucet replacement.

Dan and I had a good talk and he and I finished our conversation as I was picking up my tools from the faucet replacement. I'm pretty good. I was able to install the new kitchen faucet AND talk to Dan at the same time. :-) Hehehe. I did have to set the phone down for about 30 seconds when I needed to tighten one of the nuts.

That was pretty much my day. Now I'm catching up on LJ and responding to email.

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