Gregory Sare Landolt (gregoid) wrote,
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I'm Itching!

I have no idea what I have or what I ran into. I know it isn't poison oak/ivy because the pattern is not the same. I've had poison oak many times before to recognize the pattern on my skin.

This is like little raised dots that are placed almost equally apart, but close together. I have large patches on the top of my right foot and ankle, my left elbow, behind my left knee, and on both sides of my hips and thighs, spreading onto my lower butt cheeks.

I bought some Benadryl cream last night thinking it was poison oak, but when I took off my clothes to apply the cream, I realized that it was something else. I applied the cream anyway, but it only slightly reduced the itching. Aaaaaaargh!!

I'm headed over to Wall*Mart to pick up some shorts and sandals. All of my shorts are in the dirty clothes hamper and I'm not about to wear Levis today when I'm itching so badly. I also don't want to wear shoes or socks and I broke the strap on my Flip Flops a few weeks ago.

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