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Oh boy! Not good...

My tower computer is SICK! It won't boot all the way without locking up or freezing. When it does get all the way up to the desktop, it is not consistent as to when it will lock-up, and, lock-up it will. It has even displayed the dreaded blue screen of death and I'm running Windows 2000. That death is rare on my system.

I am not able to run my virus program or any other diagnostic program, as it takes longer to run than my computer will stay un-frozen.

The lock-ups/freezes are not consistent and I haven't installed anything new recently. It could be either hardware or software related at this point. I just need to isolate which category I'm looking at and proceed.

This is frustrating as hell. At least I have my laptop (using it now) to access the internet and to do my class/homework. I will tackle my other computer on the weekend, as I have absolutely no extra time to fiddle, poke, prod, swap, (curse), with my computer. I am a technician Damn it! It will NOT get the better of me. :P

I think the worst part about this is that I know what the possible outcomes are and I have a lot (60 GB worth) of data that will be lost if the worst case scenario happens and I need to wipe out the hard drive and perform a fresh install.

*BIG SIGH* I truly hate when this stuff happens to my OWN equipment. I kind of cringe when I inform clients that all is lost, especially when they have no backups, but when I'm caught practicing the same bad habits of not backing up, I find it hard not to keep telling myself, "I told you so!"

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