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Since I'm awake at 3:00 in the morning...

I started classes on Monday. Yep! I'm back in school. I've decided to take this semester easy and only go part-time. I've also decided to go for my Cisco Networking Certifications. I'll be taking 8 classes which actually only run half the semester each. So in 4 semesters or 2 years, I should have my CCNA as well as my CCNP.

The Cisco classes are only 3.5 unit classes, and I needed at least 6 units per semester to be considered half-time and keep the student loan people off my back. I've decided to enroll in the A+ Certification class, which is 4 units, to take up the slack in units. I know that I can go to the testing center right now and take the A+ Exams and pass them, but this will allow me to take it relatively easy and give myself some hands on review of taking computers apart and putting them back together again before taking the tests. Plus it bumps me up into half-time status.

Hehehe - I already corrected the instructor 3 times today, but I did it in a way that was helpful and not condescending, and I only opened my mouth when his mistakes would have confused the students even more than they already were. There is something about mentioning 'binary' that causes students to panic and run for the hills. :P

Number systems are really not all that difficult if they are taught properly. Prof. Hilliard did an excellent job in introducing them. I'm anxious to see how the students did with the number system conversion homework.

Prof. Hilliard could tell rather quickly that I knew what was going on. Maybe it was the way I was nodding my head, like a dog on a car's dashboard, which clued him in. I got that impression because he would look to me for the answers when noone else could or would give the answers to his questions. He was never disappointed with my responses.

*Feels head getting too big for ball cap*

My swelling head will be crushed soon enough. My 20-year high school reunion is this Friday and Saturday. Ugh! Talk about a reality check.

"Hey, Greg! What have you been up to for the last 20 years?"

I respond with, "I was in the Navy for 4 years."

"Oh, that's pretty cool.... What have you been doing since?"

I say eloquently, "Uhmmm…college...."

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