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Signal Light is not up in time.

I was chatting with Dan when I heard a screeching of tires and a very loud crash. There was no mistaking the sound of a car accident. I went downstairs and saw two white cars, one of which had the front end all crumpled up.

It was a nasty accident on the corner of Newhall Ave. and Market St. There was an elderly man that was making a left hand turn from Market St. and I guess didn't see or judge the car coming down Newhall Ave. The on-coming car slammed on the brakes, but not in time to avoid smashing into the passenger side door where the elderly man's wife was seated. The impact launched the elderly couple's car up onto the sidewalk and spun the other car around.

The first ambulance arrived within a few minutes of the accident, but couldn't get the driver of the crumpled up car out of the car. The Fire Department and the Hazardous Materials truck showed up soon after and it took the team of firemen and the paramedics to get the driver out of the car and onto the stretcher.

After the first ambulance left, another one showed up and took the wife. Meanwhile, the elderly man was walking around in a daze. He was clearly confused and disoriented. I left to come back upstairs as Gladys (a tenant of the apartments here) tried to talk to the gentleman and get him to at least sit down.

Gladys has been trying to get the city to put in a signal light or at least a stop sign on this corner for 11 years. The city council just agreed a couple of months ago to finally put a signal light in at the corner and construction began 4 days ago on the first of this month.

Mom has been saying for a couple of years now, that it will probably take someone to die before they decide to do anything about this corner. Since the ambulances didn't take off with light and sirens, I assume that nobody is going to die from this accident. I'm glad that it didn't have to come to a death before we get this light. I just hope that this accident speeds up the construction process.

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