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Party was a success

The party was a success and my Grandmother was excited with the "Memory Book" she received.

I ended up snacking on chips, vegetables, dip, and salsa most of the day. My stomach is now reminding me that I can't eat like that. I also drank a lot of soda and I'm dehydrated because of it. [groan] Now I'm sitting here with my water bottle next to me and I'm starting to feel a little better.

I did put my swimsuit on, but never actually went swimming. Instead, I spent time with my family out by the pool, catching up on the latest info. I ended up having a really great time. I spent time talking with my Aunt Jeanie, whom I absolutely adore. She has been a great source of inspiration and I have failed to tell her so. After I post this entry, I will write her an email telling her how much she has unknowingly helped me.
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