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I'm Home!

Howdy everybody!

My flight got in at 10:30 PM on Friday. I didn't get to bed until 1:30 AM, which seemed to me like 5:30 AM because my body was still on Nova Scotia time.

Saturday was a do nothing day. I spent most of the day sleeping, updating software to the current versions, and chatting with my boyfriend and friends online. I started to make an LJ entry, but never got past the first paragraph.

I think I'm filled in on all the events that took place with the family while I was gone. We will be having a combined Birthday Party on Tuesday for some of the family members, so I'm sure I will catch up on anything that I haven't already heard.

I want to thank pty again for picking me up at the LAX airport Friday night as well as taking me to the airport when I left on my wonderful vacation. I hope the trip didn't aggravate your swollen/broken leg too much. SEE A DOCTOR!

I also want to give a big thanks to kirkhfx for allowing rogonandi and me to spend the night at his apartment when we visited Halifax during Pride.

I finally sifted through all my email. Now I need to respond to them. I also sorted my snail mail and I need to pay bills today. I think I will just keep my eyes closed as I look at the balances on my credit cards. Hehehe - That should be a good trick. I had such a great vacation that I don't mind the amount of money I spent. It was well worth it!

I'm going to write another entry that tells about my wonderful trip. I will place it behind an lj-cut to spare those of you that are not interested in my doting, smushy, love filled ramblings. :-D

I missed all of you so much.
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