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Greetings from Nova Scotia!

I'm having a great time here in Nova Scotia. The main reason for that is because I'm here with Daniel, the most wonderful boyfriend.

I have noticed a few differences between Nova Scotia and California. The first has to be the extreme politeness of the drivers. They actually stop and allow you to go, even if they have the right of way! The only thing remotely close to road rage around here came when a lady stopped her Explorer to allow me to trun and the lady behind her, drove around her and cut me off. She laid on her horn and then stopped all the rest of traffic to allow me to proceed. That was really an impressive act. Needless to say, being polite is very catching. I am now also stopping to allow others to make their turns.

Another thing is the currency. The Dollar Bill has dissapeared up here. The Loonie and Toonie (one dollar coin and two dollar coin, respectively) have reigned supreme. Coins have now taken up a permanent place in my pockets, instead of filling up the ash tray in my car.

It is also very green here. Trees and grass happen to grow everywhere! Plus, there is actually water in all the rivers here! You surely can't make that same statement in So Cal. Hehehe

Well, Dan and I are going to do.... Well that's for us to know. ;)

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