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Canada, Eh?

Hi everybody!

Vacation time has finally arrived! Woohoo!! My flight takes off at 10 PM (close enough) on Monday, bound for Nova Scotia, Canada. This will be my first trip to Canada. I'm so excited to be going on this trip. I'll be staying through the month of July and I'll be returning on the first of August.

For those of you that care and for the potential stalkers, I'm posting my flight info.

July 7, 2003
Flight Leave Time Arrive Time
Continental 1803 Los Angeles, CA 9:55 PM Newark, NJ 6:00 AM
Continental 2469 Newark, NJ 10:20 AM Halifax, NS 1:15 PM
August 1, 2003
Flight Leave Time Arrive Time
Continental 2430 Halifax, NS 1:50 PM Newark, NJ 3:00 PM
Continental 1802 Newark, NJ 7:15 PM Los Angeles, CA 10:17 PM

Here is a real-time flight tracking site, so you can tell where my plane is at all times. :-D

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