Gregory Sare Landolt (gregoid) wrote,
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Today's Lesson: Why Backups Are Important

Yay! pty and I were able to recover from the near life threatening laptop problem. The life threatening part would have come from Pty's brother killing (not really, but it would have been messy) him for screwing up all the programs that were installed. Luckily, we found a backup of the registry files that happened to be a year old. That only left one program to be reinstalled. Woohoo! The program is PC Anywhere, so it is no problem to reinstall.

The NT boot block was also over-written, so we still need to correct that so it will dual boot again and more importantly, so NT will boot. At least the NT partition is not NTFS.

Well, Windows did get upgraded from Win98 to Win98se. All this for digital camera drivers to work properly. *Shakes head* Now that all is okay again, I think I'm going to bed.
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