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Getting back to normal

I finally recovered from the let down of having to say goodbye to Daniel. I was well aware that it would only be 10 days until I saw him again, yet that didn't seem to help matters any. Saturday and Sunday, I moped around the apartment not feeling up to doing very much at all. Last night I began to feel better and installed the DVD software on my laptop. Today I feel pretty much back my "normal" self. ;-)

Okay, enough about the sad stuff...

Daniel is now with his family in Las Vegas. He will be there until the 4th of July, at which time he will fly back home. He will get to see some of the shows and other stuff. Actually, I have no idea what is there because all I've ever seen of Vegas has been from TV and movies. I have never been to Vegas. I know, I know, *gasp* I only live 5 hours away. One of these days I will actually drive out there and check it out. I hope Daniel has a great time. :-)

Now that I'm in a mood that is fitting to discuss the wonderful time that I had last week, I will be making another entry fawning and gushing about my lovely boyfriend and the time we spent together. Hehehe

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