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D L really is the happiest place on earth. *giggles*

This has been an incredible couple of days. Sunday, I met up with Daniel in the afternoon and we headed over to Disneyland. We had a great time spending time together. It was funny. We would sneak chances to hold hands while we were walking and even sneak a kiss here and there. I spent most of the time smiling at him. Daniel refers to my smile as a pouty smile. Hehehe. He also says that I have a bad habit of ruining a bad mood or a bad day. Hehehe.

We ended up eating at the Blue Bayou Restaurant. It is set in part of the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride. It is set in a nighttime outdoor setting and you can hear the nighttime insects. Daniel had Gumbo for the first time and liked it. :) It was a very romantic setting. Actually, I was so happy that we could have eaten on top of one of the walls in the park and I would have thought it was romantic.

We visited the Haunted Mansion and found it was a great place to kiss. It was dark and the cars that we rode in allowed privacy from the other guests. Pirates of the Caribbean is another ride that was dark and we sat in the last row of the boat and found many opportunities to be affectionate. The Matterhorn was one ride that ended up being great for hugging. Daniel sat right in front of me and I was able to hold my arms around him for the whole ride. We kissed when we were waiting for the bobsled to pull into the departure area. A girl saw us kissing as she was walking with her boyfriend toward the exit. I happened to glance up at her after we finished kissing and she just smiled. Woohoo! That was the first time that I felt comfortable showing affection in public.

After the park closed, we went to my truck to retrieve my laptop. I'm letting Daniel borrow it while he's here to write his journal entries offline. He'll be able to post them tomorrow, when he gets to visit my family. He'll also get the chance to get online. After I said good night, and got into the elevator, I realized that I forgot to give him the password to access Windows, but I felt it was too late to go back and knock on the door. I had a lot of things on my mind that evening, so I wasn't at all surprised that it slipped my mind. It all worked out okay. I was able to set up an account for him the next morning.

- - - - - - - - - - = = = = = = = = = = - - - - - - - - - -

When I got to the hotel Monday, Daniel's mom and sister were out enjoying the rides. I helped Daniel set up his own account on the laptop and he typed out a few journal entries that he will later post and backdate. We then decided to just relax and not go walking a lot that morning. We were supposed to meet up with his family at 3 PM and head on over to Knott's Berry Farm for dinner and to spend some time at enjoying the rides and shows.

We had a great time relaxing together and even went swimming in the hotel pool. The weather was starting to warm up and the sun played peek-a-boo as openings in the clouds passed overhead. We then went back up to the room and each took a shower (separately) to wash off the chlorine.

When Daniel's mom and sister came back, I drove Daniel's family to Knott's Berry Farm. Daniel's mom wanted to take me to dinner and thought that a chicken dinner at Knott's would be great. I never knew the story behind the Chicken Dinner and didn't even know that the restaurant existed.

We arrived at Knott's and stood in the longest line for a restaurant that I've ever seen. I was amazed at how quickly the line moved and we were seated in no time at all. Of course we all had the chicken dinner. The waitress delivered half a chicken to each of us, in addition to, mashed potatoes, salad, soup, corn or cabbage, and dessert. I couldn't finish the chicken. I was stuffed! It definitely puts KFC to shame.

After Dinner we entered the park and Daniel's sister and I went on a wild wooden roller coaster. While we were standing in line waiting to get on the roller coaster, I noticed that Nicolas Cage was standing on the other platform. He had just finished getting off the roller coaster! Cool!

I went on another roller coaster with Daniel's sister then spent the rest of the time with Daniel. He wasn't feeling well, and had the chills. We all ended up going on the merry-go-round. Daniel and I began laughing as I made a comment about riding the big cock. There were not only horses, but all different kinds of animals including a large rooster. The entire time we were riding up and down on these huge hard cocks, we were cracking up and making other sexual references. We couldn't stop laughing. It is awesome! I haven't enjoyed riding a merry-go-round this much since I was really young.

We all decided to pack it up and head back to Disneyland and spend the rest of the evening there. Daniel was in good spirits and was joking and laughing when we rode the monorail into the park. And he really began cracking jokes when the monorail shut down and we got stuck for about 5 mins.

We ended up going on the Indiana Jones ride as the last ride of the evening. Daniel really wasn't feeling well by the time we reached the boarding of the ride cars. The ride was pretty cool, but since Daniel wasn't feeling well, we headed straight for the exit of the park as soon as the ride was over. As we reached Main Street, I suggested we get something to drink. I got him a Sprite to settle his stomach, which seemed to really help a lot.

After that, I walked Daniel back to his hotel room and we kissed goodnight.

Daniel went with his family today to Universal Studios. It also allowed me to catch up on sleep and massage my over worked muscles. I haven't walked this much in a very long time. Tomorrow, Daniel and I are going to visit my family. I will get to show off my sweetheart. :D

Well, now that my fingers are tired from typing this long entry, I'm going to end here and make a fast-food run for dinner.

Later Dudes and Dudettes!

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