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Wowwie! That's how I'd describe today. If there were any doubts floating around, they quickly disappeared after seeing Daniel. There was no hiding the attraction and love that we have for each other.

The first hour was awkward and clumsy, each of us not knowing what to say or ask. Not to mention how to sit or act. It was clearly a first date. ;-) But one that I will never forget. I got to meet Daniel's mom and sister. It was a brief introduction, then Daniel's mom suggested that we get some dinner so we could talk. I could tell she was a bit uncomfortable, so Daniel and I took her suggestion to allow her time to soak all this in.

We didn't go into the park. We ended up spending most of our time in Downtown Disney. It is a row of shops, restaurants, and live musical entertainment. We walked around window shopping (yes, I did say shopping) and talked about many things that I can't remember. :-) It was mostly small talk... and a lot of giggling and grinning.

The most memorable part of the evening, was holding each other and kissing under the fireworks.

I'm in love with a wonderful guy! We were finally able to use all five senses and many times, there was a sensory overload. My head is still swimming in images and emotions. Wowwie!

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