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New Hardware?

Gregoid says: well, you are getting crapped on tonight Sad Smile
Lakeguy says: yeppers
Lakeguy says: Regular Smile
Lakeguy says: grr
Lakeguy says: Sad Smile
Lakeguy says: opps
Lakeguy says: wrong face
Gregoid says: man! Dude Hug
Lakeguy says: i need a good f**king lol
Gregoid says: lol
Gregoid says: yep Wink Smile
Gregoid says: and not by your computer hardware either. Tongue Smile
Lakeguy says: exactly
Gregoid says: unless there is some new toy out there that I haven't heard of Tongue Smile
Lakeguy says: rofl
Gregoid says: "Big Boy (USB version)"
Lakeguy says: rofl
Lakeguy says: hhehe
Gregoid says: Teeth Smile
Lakeguy says: Teeth Smile
Gregoid says: Can you imagine those on the shelf at Best Buy?
Gregoid says: "The hottest item in the store, literally"
Lakeguy says: lj post
Lakeguy says: lol
Gregoid says: lol
Gregoid says: Teeth Smile
Gregoid says: Lady in the store with her husband---"Hey! Now I wouldn't mind seeing this in the computer room!"
Lakeguy says: falls off chair
Gregoid says: "...I'd spend more time on top ... I mean on the computer"
Gregoid says: *laughs*
Lakeguy says: Tongue Smile

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