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Never a dull moment.

I literally jumped out of bed this morning. For those that don't know what my bed looks like, click here to see a picture of my loft bed.

Mom fell while trying to get from her scooter to the raised toilet seat in the bathroom. She wasn't using her wheelchair because it was being charged at the time. She came down hard and hit the back of her head on the carpet, which she says, "feels like concrete."

I jumped out of my bed when I heard her fall and keep moaning, oww. She happened to be on the phone with my sister at the time, so I picked up the phone--that Mom already set down on the counter before the attempted switching maneuver--and told Piper that I'd call her back.

After assessing that she was alright, except for the wondrous headache that she is going to have, I picked her up from the floor and set her on the toilet so she could do what she intended to do in the first place.

She is fine now. I'm sure she has a mild concussion from the fall, but she is up and fixing her breakfast bagel, as I type this, so everything is hunky dory.

As for me, I managed to skin my knee somehow. I guess I did it jumping down from my loft. I really don't know how it happened, but it sure does sting.

I'm sure the guy that lives in the apartment below was wondering what the hell was going on up here this morning. :-)

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