Gregory Sare Landolt (gregoid) wrote,
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Only 8 days!!!

Yesterday and today have been wonderful days. I'm in such a great mood.

My love for Daniel (rogonandi) continues to amaze me. I think about him all the time. When we are together talking or chatting, I find myself laughing, giggling, and telling him how much he means to me. I might sound like a giddy schoolgirl, but that is how I feel. I have never loved anyone as deeply as I love Daniel. That says a lot considering we have never actually met face to face. That will all change in 8 days. Daniel will be coming down to California with his family to spend a week at Disneyland.

I often find myself daydreaming about Daniel. I see his face, I hear his voice, I imagine the two of us together. These things, together with my love for him, cause me to get lost in a wonder world of imagination.

A week from tomorrow, he will be here and it will seem like a dream, but it will be quite real. He will be tangible. I will be able to give him a hug, hold his hand, and even give him a kiss.

I'm so excited, that I have trouble focusing on other things for very long. My thoughts keep drifting back into the land of daydreams.

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