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"School's out for summer..."

This morning, I went to Nate's Awards ceremony. It officially ended the home-schooling school year. Yay for summer vacation!

There won't be any more lessons being taught in the living room, no more being awakened to answer math questions, and no more listening to the trumpet being practiced.

Nate will integrate back into the public school system in the fall, as he begins junior high. The school is a brand new school and he will part of the first students to roam the halls. His self-esteem has been built up during his home-schooling, so he will have a great starting level to enter his next step in the educational system. Nate is no longer saying that he wishes he were dead.

After the ceremonies, we went back home via Santa Paula, just so we could eat lunch at Tia Babe's Mexican Food. Yum, yum! It is greasy, but oh so delicious! I had my usual; a Bionic Burrito, and a roast beef, bean, and cheese burrito. I can just feel my arteries hardening. :-D

Oh! I found my middle seat belt for the truck. :-) The three of us (Mom, Nate, and I) were squished into the cab of my truck, but we all had seat belts on. Nate had to straddle the gearshift, so shifting was interesting. He ended up learning how to shift, but he had trouble with the H pattern concept of the gearshift. This was the second time that he had ridden in the truck. The first time he rode with me, I showed him how to "roll" the window down by hand, to which he replied, "Is this how you used to open the window when you were a kid?" Rofl - We did have some cars with electric windows and door locks, but they weren’t as common as they are today and were usually found only on the luxury cars.

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