Gregory Sare Landolt (gregoid) wrote,
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A sigh

And with a sigh, you said goodbye, on your way to enjoy the day. My mind kept returning to that final message line, like a moth being drawn to a flame. I imagined you smiling. I imagined you sad. I even imagined you getting mad. As time ticked on throughout the day, I tried to ignore what that last line had to say. It did no good to rewind the scene; the result was the same, what did it all mean? Was the sigh from frustration because time was so short? Disappointment? Fear? Or something of the sort? I calmed my imagination from running away, by knowing that love and trust are around to stay. The heart that I hold dear is beating strong, and when I listen closely I can hear a song. I'm no longer concerned about that sigh today, because our hearts are together, come what may.

~ ♥♥ ~

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