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Belated Mother's Day Gift

Panasonic PhoneWell my mom's Mother's Day gift finally arrived. It is a cordless phone with one base and 3 handsets. It's pretty cool. You can transfer calls from one handset to another and even use the intercom and paging feature. So if it is noisy and Mom can't hear me yelling from the other room, I can page her phone and talk to her on our handsets without having to yell. AND if someone is talking on the phone, the other extensions just show "Line in use." No more picking up the phone and overhearing "private" conversations (a feature that I really like). :-D

The phone was supposed to ship on the 1st, but they sent an email saying that due to the high demand, it wouldn't ship until the 23rd. So it ended up being a belated Mother's Day gift, but it was worth the wait. I did let Mom know that there was a gift ordered, but they changed the shipping date, and she understood. She orders online a lot (Christmas gifts) and often gets revised shipping dates.

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