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The exit to Sleepland is up ahead. This is my exit, yet I'm compelled to keep driving and end up who knows where?

A few things are on my mind that are keeping me from going to sleep. It is not that I can't sleep. It is that I am forcing myself to stay awake. I want to come to a conclusion to these things before I go to bed.

Are these things important? Well...they are important to me. Will I be able to come to a solution tonight? I seriously doubt it. My thinking and reasoning skills have all but shut down already due to being so tired. The only thing left is my will to find a solution.

Disappointment is setting in because I know that it isn't going to happen tonight. I guess I'll have to see if tomorrow will allow me to come up with a few solutions.

I just picked up a hitchhiker..."What's your name?" I'm The Sandman. "Hey! Watch the eyes! What did you do that for? I'm trying to drive!" You can let me out here.

*Pulls off on the last exit to Sleepland.*

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