Gregory Sare Landolt (gregoid) wrote,
Gregory Sare Landolt

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Wild day

Today has been a wild day. I helped Mom with teaching Cooking as well as Arts & Crafts today. I Also converted a midi file into sheet music for Daniel and scanned the sheets into a pdf file too. Now, each alone isn't too bad, but do the Art's & Crafts and the sheet music project and clean up a full glass of soda being knocked over onto the carpet and you end up with quite a bit of excitement. :-D

I also hurt Daniel's feelings about a wonderful portrait drawing that he worked hard on. I won't go into details on that. We both felt really badly and there were even tears involved from both of us. We kind of cleared it all up, but not quite. So, I called him up, and we talked and pretty soon we both were feeling much better and we even were laughing.

It truly sucks when you hurt a loved one.
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