Gregory Sare Landolt (gregoid) wrote,
Gregory Sare Landolt

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Wanted: writer -- must get along, what's the word?

I have blocked the writer within me. I think I have. Maybe he is just sleeping. Oh my...could he be...dead? I wonder if that were true, would I be able to create a new one? I would like to believe that I could. Just like dead cells in the body that get reabsorbed, my dead writer could possible do the same thing. Then I could just generate a new writer to take his place.

Yes, I am being sexist by using he and his to refer to my writer, but my writer is in my head, so I can make him a he if I want to.

Well, I tried to jump-start an idea and it kind of worked. It turned out to be pretty boring, rather than interesting and worthy of reading. If you did read all of this then I guess you are as bored or more so than I am. *Giggles*

Wait...I'm getting something! It looks like someone running straight at me. Whoa! This person is going to run right into...............[We are experiencing technical difficulties. The Writer has allegedly been killed...]
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