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Busy day today

I went this morning to have my lab work done and there were no orders in the system for me. I called my doctor's office to see if it was an overlook on his part or if I really didn't need lab work this time. He put them into the system just to make sure that all was okay, since I have had a week of depression this last week.

Then I took my mom to the dentist for her last visit this time. She doesn't need to go back until her regular cleaning in six months. I decided to be brave, since I was right there and make an appointment for myself. I have never been worried about going to the dentist before. I haven't had any cavities so far. I am nervous about this visit. The last time I saw a dentist was my discharge from the Navy checkup in April of 1991, 12 yeas ago! Arrrgh. [mantra: Think Positive...Think Positive...Think Positive...]

Silly me thinking that my shuttle duties were complete. Mom needed to "just stop by" Wal-Mart to pick up some yarn. LOL - I actually believed that AGAIN! You'd think that I would eventually learn. It turned into, "Oh since we are here let's get this and let's also see if they have that..."

We ended up getting out of Wal-Mart at 5:30 PM, which isn't too bad really. And Mom wanted to eat, so we headed over to Wood Ranch B-B-Q because it was in the same shopping center as Wal-Mart and she didn't want me to have to put the scooter in the truck and take it back out again.

During dinner Mom said that we should head over to Lowe’s to get a replacement light for the living room floor lamp. Went to Lowe’s and no luck finding the correct fluorescent bulb that we needed. Mom said she wasn't about to run all over town looking for the right one, so we bought a halogen floor lamp with the new safety features, which we know that we can find replacement lamps (bulbs) if we need them.

Finally, we get home and now I get to put all the things together. I actually like putting things together, so finally got to do something that I enjoy. :-)

Now it is 20 minutes to midnight and I get to play online.

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