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Snuggling on the couch

It is lightly raining here in Newhall (Santa Clarita for those that don't live around here). It is peaceful and calm and it has me thinking about just snuggling up in a blanket on the couch and watching TV. I would rather be snuggled up with my boyfriend in the blanket in front of a fire, but there are two things missing, my boyfriend, and a fireplace. So, the blanket on the couch watching TV will have to do.

I've been thinking about my boyfriend a lot. Not just because Daniel is in the hospital, but also because I want to be holding him in my arms, as well as giving him a kiss. My romantic side has been working overtime lately and has flooded my thoughts with images and scenarios of the two of us together. *giggles* I have even thought of a few involving his hospital bed. *blush*

Well, The American President is being shown on TV (the movie, not the current President), so I'm going to grab my blanket and snuggle up on the couch and let my romantic side exercise itself.

Take care, dudes and dudettes.

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