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Good news

Daniel is okay, SORE, but okay. I talked to on the phone and he sounds in good spirits. He is also hopped up on Morphine, so there is really no surprise that he is in a good mood. :-)

All the damage was done to his right side. His left side is fine. Since he is left handed, that is a plus right there.

Since his lung is bruised he can't take in deep breaths, so he has to wear a oxygen mask to assist with his breathing. He said it kept getting in his way when talking on the phone, but I informed him that I could hear him without any problem with it on, which was true.

He was so happy that I called and I'm happy too. This was actually the first time that we have talked to each other on the phone. :-) After a couple of awkward minutes at first, we fell into a regular routine. People kept asking him questions and then his mom said he should wrap things up.

All in all I'm happy. He is still in ICU, but he is doing well. He has some new metal added here and there and he can't move without feeling major pain, but other than that he is fine. He wasn't too clear about when he would be leaving ICU, so I'll have to find that out later.

In other news, his dad and his mom are now aware of me. In the email from his dad, his dad mentioned that I would be coming out in the summer. I'm not sure what else Daniel told either one of them about me, but I introduced myself and gave a little background history in my reply to his father. I'll let Daniel fill his mother in, since I doubt his father will tell his mother anything.

That's all the news I have for now. I'll keep you all informed as I learn more.


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