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A husband and wife were having an argument when she says, "When are you going to fix the broken steps out the front door?"

The husband says, "What? Do I have Yankee Work Shop written across my forehead?"

The wife fumes, "Well how about unclogging the bathroom sink?"

The husband's response, "Do I have rotor-rooter written across my forehead?"

She then says, "Well at least fix that ratty old chair you sit in in the den."

He responds, "Do you see McMahan Furniture written on my forehead?"

"I've had enough" cries the wife

"Me too" says the husband, "I am going down to the bar and visit my friends."

Later that day, the husband comes stumbling home and walks up the front stairs to go inside and finds them fixed. Frowning, he makes a trip to the bathroom and as he washes up, he sees the sink is no longer clogged. Shaking his head he goes to the den and finds his ratty old chair gone.

He goes and finds his wife sipping some tea in the kitchen.

He asks, "How did you get all the chores done?"

The wife says, "When you left I went and sat on the broken steps out front and cried my eyes out. A man walked by and asked me why I was crying and I told him about all the fixes that needed to be done. He said he would do them for a price. Either I could give him sex or bake him a cake."

The husband shrugs, "So what flavor cake you bake him?"

She smiles and says, "What? Do I have Betty Crocker written across my forehead??!!!"
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