Gregory Sare Landolt (gregoid) wrote,
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*Yawn* Is it time to get up already?

Mom woke me up. She didn't mean to. She is having trouble with her leg spasms again. Actually she gets them every night, but some nights are more severe than others. Tonight is one of those severe nights. She just took another valium and is back in bed. Let's see if that helps. Some really bad nights, nothing seems to help. As soon as morning rolls around, they always seem to go away. I guess the spasms are nocturnal.

Now I'm up after only getting 5 hours of sleep. If I take a sleeping pill, I'll be asleep until noon, so I decided to jump on the computer and low and behold I found my way to LJ. I wonder how that happened? hehehe - could it be because I'm an LJ junkie! Yep, that's it.

No matter what I am doing on the computer, I always have a browser page open to my friend's page. The only time I'm not actively scanning LJ is when I'm chatting on IM. But when ever there is a lull in the conversation, I'm back to my LJ reading and commenting.

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