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Wow, time flies when I chat with rogonandi. I seem to forget about everything else when I chat with him.

I plan on flying up to meet him in July. I'll be staying a month to see if what we have online will happen in real life as well. We both know that dating online and dating in person are two completely different things. We will be meeting for the first time, but we will have a lot of information about each other from the start.

Will we fall in love? That is not the question I'm asking myself. The question is, did we? And that can't be answered until I return. The former question can begin placing doubt into my mind, possibly distancing myself from him before a chance is even given. I don't know the future, and if I had the means to find out, I don't think I would want to know then.

For now, I am very happy and I look forward to July, when I can wrap my arms around Daniel for real.

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