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Movie Time

Nate, my nephew, is watching Scream in the other room right now. He was looking through my DVD collection and asked me if I had any horror movies. I pointed to my Scream collection. :-)

Mom is watching it with him. lol - Mom hates scarey movies. As she says, "This is not a Mommy movie." My mom prefers Doris Day type movies. Hehehe. She doesn't like blood & guts, shoot-em-up type movies like I do. But she does like some movies that surprise me. She likes Die Hard, Lethal Weapon, and Deceived. So I never really know what action or suspense movies that she will enjoy.

I like all kinds of movies. I like Comedy, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Drama, Suspense, Disney, Musicals, and very few Horror movies.

There are very few horror movies that I like because most of them are so cheesy and low budget that I lose interest very quickly.

I am currently watching Beautiful Thing (1996), so I guess I can add Romance to the list as well, but there are only a few romance type movies that I like. I prefer gay-themed romance, but there are other romance movies that I like. The ones that come to mind happen to be romantic comedies though.

I really do need to put my movies into a list. I have a list of my 80+ LaserDisc movies, but I haven't listed my DVDs yet.
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