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Blood count

My white blood count is below the cutoff limit. I think he said it was 4.3 or something. Not sure what that means other than I was up at 8 point something before. I had to take another blood test today and Dr. Fik will call me later today to let me know if the levels have gone back up or not.

If it is back up, then all is good and I keep going on as usual. If my count is still down or lower, then he will take me off my Tegretol for a couple of weeks and then have me get my blood tested again to see if there has been any improvement.

There is another possibility, but I'm not seriously going to think about that until I have been HIV tested. I see my general medical doctor tomorrow for my annual physical, and I will be asking her for a referral to be HIV tested at that time.

Other than me having a sore throat, I'm doing well and I'm in very good spirits.

Update: Dr. Fik just called and said that my blood count is back to normal. He said it was probably down because I was fighting off my cold and flu from a couple of weeks ago.


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