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We found out that Kylene has asthma. The doctors said that Kylene had a severe asthma attack and that is why she hasn't been getting enough oxygen. Her levels are still low so she isn't able to come home yet.

Paige has been instructed to remove all stuffed animals and pets from the house. Paige and Mark recently painted the girl's room, which the doctors said is the worst thing that they could have done.

I have no idea what they are going to do with their dog Peanut. She is a nice dog, but she can jump a 6-foot wall with no problem. I'd take her, but there is no room for her in this tiny apartment. Finding a place for her is going to be very difficult. She is a big dog and loves to run. Her obedience classes never paid off and she will get out of the yard any chance she can.

It will all work out.

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