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Turning blue

Did you miss me? Did you even know I was gone? Well, I have been staying over at my sister Paige's house because she is at the hospital with my niece Kylene.

Kylene had pneumonia, but she started having trouble breathing and turning blue. Paige called the doctor, and the doctor said, "Bring Kylene immediately to the hospital and don't stop to get lunch. If you can't bring her right now, I'll send an ambulance to get her."

Kylene, has already pulled her IV out once and her IV flooded and made her arm twice the size. They got that under control and she seemed to be doing better. They had her playing with blocks and running around and everything seemed okay. Then while Paige was walking with Kylene down the hall, Kylene just sat down and turned to look at Paige. Kylene was pale white and started to turn blue. Paige rushed her back to the room and the doctors and nurses ran tests and found out that she wasn't getting enough oxygen in her blood stream.

So, Kylene has another problem besides the pneumonia that they can't figure out.

I was over at Paige's house all day yesterday watching Noah and Kirah. I got home this morning and I haven't had a whole lot of sleep. Their couch isn't that comfy, plus any little noise woke me up.

Kylene should be coming home today if they can maintain her oxygen levels.

My poor little cutie, I feel badly that she is going through all of this, but she seems to be in good spirits though. Kids are so amazing. They seem to be able to handle a lot more than adults can in the same situations.

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