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Woohoo! I just finished registering for my Fall classes. The Math 070 (Intermediate Algebra) class I wanted only had one seat left and I got it! I didn't have to rearrange my schedule at all. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy.

I did have a problem with the system letting me sign up for the math class. The computer told me I had already taken the class and can't take it again. So I jumped on the phone and called Admissions (Technology is great, but it's very unforgiving). I had received transfer credit for the class when I attended Cal Poly in 1994. But, Cal Poly is on the Quarter system and College of the Canyons (current college) is on the semester system and we only received half of the material that is presented in the Math 070 class here. I didn't have the math skills necessary to take Math 103 (College Algebra). I tried, but I had no idea what the instructor was talking about.

The admissions lady was great and added me to the class, but she said I had to come to the school and fill out a Repeat Petition to cover her butt. So, I did.

[Phone rings] ... hehe, that was her confirming that she had no problem approving the request because it was over 6 years since I've taken the other math class. I'm official!

Whew! Now I can relax and I don't have to worry anymore about registration. Registration always gets me so worked up.

I had a great thing happen when I went to pay my fees. I qualified for an Enrollment Waiver and only had to pay $29. I guess being broke paid off.
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