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Ice Age to the rescue!

Whew! I'm wiped out. I ended up babysitting my 4-year-old nephew Noah this evening. My sister Paige had to take my niece Kylene to Urgent Care because she had a temperature of 102.7 deg F. Kylene's okay. She has pneumonia and needs breathing treatments 3 times a day. Since I normally babysit on Tuesday's, I guess Paige will show me how to administer Kylene her breathing treatment if she needs it. I only babysit my nieces for about 2 hours, so I don't think I'll have to do anything about that. I'll find out tomorrow.

Noah was wound up pretty tight and was literally bouncing all over the place, mainly on me. Evening cartoons just didn't seem to be working so I popped in my Ice Age DVD and that kept him glued to the TV.

After Noah was picked up, I ordered pizza because I was to tired to cook and ended up waiting and hour before I called back asking what happened to the pizza. He looked it up and found out that he put down the wrong apartment number and it would take an additional 40 minutes to get it to us. Another hour and the pizza guy showed up. They knocked 50% off the price of the order so I guess that wasn't too bad. The pizza wasn't really warm (probably the original pizza), but it was VERY tasty.

I love pizza, but it seems to sit in my stomach for a while so I'm waiting for that full feeling to go away before I climb in bed.

Wow, I'm in babble mode. Hehehe

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