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Damn I'm such a great mood!

18+ hours of sleep can do that for me. Yep. :-)

Hehe - I got up this morning (almost noon) and read a wonderful email from my boyfriend, Daniel. Then 5 minutes later, he comes online and we have a wonderful....uhhh, *giggles* After which I had to take a shower, then got something to eat after not eating for 2 days.

Now, I'm on top of the world and happy as a clam. How's that for adding metaphors. Hmm, is "on top of the world" a metaphor? Oh well.

WooHoo!! Me no sick no more! YAY!!!

Update: Ohh, I forgot to mention that I lost 4 pounds being sick. That's cool, but not the way I like losing weight.

Anyway, YAY for losing weight! :-)

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