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Oh, what a night

I think the feeling you get right before you throw-up is one of the worst feelings. You know it's going to happen no matter what you do and your whole body begins to sweat as well as go weak. That still doesn't keep you from praying to the Porcelain God to stop it from happening.

Last night I went to bed at 9 PM because I wasn't feeling very well. I woke up hearing my cell phone beeping at me. It was Nick needing to talk. I got out of bed, turned the computer on, and got online. I said hi to him and began reading his journal. I wasn't able to finish the entry and had to make a mad dash to the bathroom.

After I finished throwing-up, I flopped down onto the cold linoleum floor and remained motionless. All I could think about was getting my cell and calling Nick. I wanted to help and didn't want him to think that I was ignoring him.

So I got up and got my cell phone and made it back to the bathroom floor without incident. I was shaky, but still ok. I called Nick and we talked for a while. I then spent the rest of the night moving from cold floors to warm carpets to my bed. Doing anything that I could to be comfortable and move as little as possible.

Right now I'm very dehydrated, but I'm being very careful not to drink too much liquid and start the chain reaction all over again.

For feeling like crap, I am in a very good mood. Go figure.

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