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Bees, Clothes, and Balloons

Yesterday, I arrived at my sister's house at 3:30 ready to babysit, only to find that no one was home. I had picked up a burger for dinner, so I sat in the car and was happily eating when I heard a quick buzzing that lasted for a second and then stopped. I thought it was a horse fly by how loud it was, so I shook my head to see if it landed behind me. I heard it buzz again and shook my shirt collar. I felt something crawling around in my shirt. As I pulled the collar away from my neck, this thing flew down to the front of my chest. I pulled my collar away enough to look down inside my shirt. There was a bee walking around on my stomach and it was getting agitated from me moving my shirt all around.

Panic set in. I flew open the door to my truck and began to lift up the bottom of my shirt as I was sliding out. I heard one more quick buzz, then it just stopped. I thought it must have gotten caught in my shirt as I was rolling it up. I climbed all the way out of the truck and lifted my shirt, then shook out the rolled part very quickly. The bee fell to the ground and look stunned. I took the opportunity to stomp on it with my shoe.

Normally, I would just let the bee go on its merry little way, but I was so freaked out by the thought of getting stung at this point that I wasn't going to take any chances with a stunned and possibly angry bee.

When I calmed down and climbed back in my truck, I looked where my burger was. Luckily the bag was close because I really didn't pay attention to where I had thrown my burger during this whole ordeal. It was lying upside down with all the fixings scattered across the bag. With the burst of added adrenaline I devoured the rest of my meal.

It was 3:45 when I decided to call my other sister Piper to see if Paige had mentioned anything about taking the kids with her. Piper hadn't heard anything, but got a chuckle out of Paige not telling me. Paige is always giving Piper crap for forgetting to tell her not to bother picking up her kids. She mentioned that she had picked up Mom and they were at Target if I wanted to hang out with them. I said that sounds like a good idea.

I waited until 4:00, then decided to head on over to Target. Now, I hate shopping! What ever possessed me to head over to Target with two family members that I know love to shop is beyond me. When I arrived, I called Piper again on her cell and my nephew Nate answered the phone. I let him know that this was Uncle Greg and that I was at the front of the store. He said he would meet me by the doors and show me where the rest of the family was.

My sister was in the girl's clothing department picking out outfits for my niece Bryelle. That's when it hit me. I was in for a long evening of shopping.

After what seemed like getting fifty outfits for Bryelle, we headed for the boy's clothes to get some shirts for Nate. Nate was as thrilled as I was to be shopping for clothes. Nate is right at the stage where he can wear both boy's sizes and men's sizes, so after not finding anything he liked in the boy’s section, we all headed to the men's section.

Well guess what? I saw a shirt that caught my eye and I began shopping for clothes as well. I ended up getting another pair of jeans, a long sleeved shirt, and a pair of sweats. We all headed to the fitting rooms to try out the goodies. Both the men's and women's fitting rooms are in the same place. So we were all able to stay together.

Now Paige and her kids show up and she starts shopping too. While she was trying on clothes for her new job and checking out items, I ended up watching the kids after all.

By this time Noah, my 4 year old nephew, is so hyper that everyone is here, he is running around and yelling and just driving most of us crazy. I was busy taking care of my two little nieces, Kylene and Kirah, so I couldn't really control Noah the tornado.

When everybody was happy with trying stuff on, we moved as a caravan through the store to see what else we needed. By this time I had had it. We stopped long enough for me to type out a quick email to my boyfriend, Daniel (rogonandi) on my cell phone, asking him to save me from shopping with my family. :-) He sent a reply that cheered me right up and gave me my second wind.

After shopping, Piper decided to take us out for dinner. I wasn't all that hungry, but can't resist going out to eat especially when it's TGI Friday's. Piper ended up informing our waitress that it was my birthday, without letting me know that she was going to do this, and I had the privilege of getting embarrassed when all the servers came clapping and singing a birthday greeting. I did get a tasty dessert and a BALLOON! lol

All in all, I ended up having a great day.

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