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"Why" is such a little word, but has my mind working for hours and often days, and even years at times to answer. Some whys never get answered. For such a small word, why asks a lot.

The mid of night, the time my mind BEGINS to process the whys. I could ask why this happens, but that would only be another why to deal with.

Most of my answers are, "Who cares?" February happens to be the worst for these pesky little imps, wreaking havoc as they swirl around in my head. They are elusive and shifty and if caught and answered, they manage to turn into new whys. They seem to multiply around this time of year as if breeding. Then as the year plays out, the whys tend to die off one by one until replenishing themselves next year.

My little imps this year seem to be fewer in number. I am grateful for their dwindling numbers. My SSSCP has helped control the population and who knows, may help to eradicate the problem all together.

Why am I writing like this? Because I'm FREAKIN' TIRED that's why.

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