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The Past

Wow, the past sure did a number on the present. It got some good licks in before it was sent back to its decade. It looks like the present is healing nicely, but the past remains watched with a close eye.

I'm being vague on purpose because the details are only important to the individuals directly involved. What is interesting or scary depending on how you look at it is what impact events in the past can make on the present.

It is very true that writers have a profound effect on their readers. The writers can instill joy, happiness, hatred, fear, arousal, trust, disapproval, and many other emotions in their readers just by the wording and phrasing selected. I have learned this first hand with my writing. Even when you narrow the scope of your audience, there is no way to predict how each reader will respond. There may be external items that you have no control over as a writer that may affect the way a reader will see or interpret your writing.

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